Monday, July 21, 2008

Here's To Ben - Jacintha

Jacintha's U.S. debut is a tribute to the legendary tenor saxophone player: Ben Webster. The songs have been specially selected to reflect this premise, i.e. they are mostly great vocal standards and/or ballads that have been recorded by Webster many times and are thus associated with his particular style and name. Some of these songs like "Stardust," "How Long Has This Been Going On," "Georgia," "Our Love Is Here To Stay" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" are Webster classics.

This recording is all analog, direct to two-track. The recording was made on an ATR-100 tape machine with BASF 900 1/4-inch high-resolution tape running at 30 inches per second. Only vintage microphones were used, including the Neumann M-49 tube microphone set-up for Jacintha's voice. The other microphones used included Neumann M-50 and U-47. The recording and mastering cabling for this session was supplied by AudioQuest. Mastered by Bernie Grundman direct from the original analog masters on his tube-driven Sculley cutting lathe.

Track Listings
1. Georgia on My Mind
2. The Look Of Love
3. Danny Boy
4. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
5. Stardust
6. In The Wee Small Hours of Morning
7. Tenderly
8. Our Love Is Here To Stay
9. How Long Has This Been Going On?
10. Pennie From Heaven

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